So FarceBook are finally going full #WeChat and integrating a digital payments system, entitled "#Libra" into their social network and chat monopoly. The #LibreNotLibra campaign aims to challenge the misinformation FB are putting out to promote Libra (eg that it's a #blockchain - it's not) and mobilize resistance against it:

I noted some time back that #Signal were also developing a digital wallet feature for their chat app. Having seen their #E2EE tech integrated into FB Messenger, I have to wonder if some of those millions FB have given to #OWS (developers of Signal) have been funding them to work on the underlying tech of Libra for them. This potentially means that volunteers are working on code for Signal's payments features, thinking they are supporting #SoftwareFreedom, but actually working for FB.


I lost my faith in Signal after reading the fediverse's own @sir 's blog post on it:

@mike @strypey @sir well, now I feel dirty... I guess you really can fool yourself into trusting anything if you just turn a blind eye.

That's a lot of red flags.

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